Hey, welcome back to Monday. I hope your Mother’s Day went well and that you either spent some time with or spent some time talking with your mother, assuming she’s still alive/part of your life. My Mother’s Day was spent on vacation in New York this past weekend with my extended family. My parents and grandparents were in search of a cool place to eat dinner that night. Keeping in mind I had zero influence over their decision, we unwittingly wandered into Williamsburg, and stumbled upon this hole in the wall place that I think they chose because of the name or maybe they’d heard of it on some TV show. Either way, the place was hipster central, complete with young people wearing fedoras and floral print dresses, old-timey black and white photos from the 1800s all over the walls, and sunflowers in mason jars. The Postal Service played on the restaurant speakers one minute, and Johnny Cash the next. Keeping in mind I don’t call myself a hipster, nor would I advocate for the term to be used on anyone, I’ll just say this about the unnamed restaurant: the food was great, as was the atmosphere. I fell harder than I’ve ever fallen for New York thanks to that one dining experience. The amusing thing is it was a place I’d go in a heartbeat on my own or with some friends, but I’d never think of taking my parents, let alone grandparents, there. Everyone seemed to like it quite a bit, though none more than me. Thanks NYC, for making another great memory for me. Ironically enough I was only in NYC for that day, the rest of my time was spent in Long Island for a wedding. I’m super happy to be back though, and am doing my best to catch up with the piles of emails and other music submissions I’ve gotten the last few days. Please bear with me as I’m overwhelmed at the moment. The site returns to 100% normal, hopefully with a few album reviews, tomorrow. For now, thanks for reading. Pick Your Poison recommendations today come from 2:54, Chicago’s own Al Scorch, Fergus + Geronimo, Ladyhawke, Onuinu, Plushgun, Pond and Superhumanoids.

2:54 – The March

Al Scorch – Working Dream

Fergus + Geronimo – Roman Tick

IlldotLogic – Gumballs (ft. Picasso Witapen)

Johnny5thWheel&thecowards – Nancy

Jonathan Byerley – I Still Pull the Silver (from the Penny Drawer)

Ladyhawke – Black, White & Blue (Acoustic)

The Mad Things – The River

Onuinu – Happy Home

Plushgun – Waste Away

Pond – Tears of a Clown (Smokey Robinson cover)

Ryan Smith – Waiting

Sherpa – Lunar Bats

Superhumanoids – Too Young for Love

White Lung – Take the Mirror


Beach Pigs – Catch Up In The Sun

Crybaby – When The Lights Go Out

Eugene Francis Jnr – NecronomicoN (i aM pRoViDeNcE)

Matisyahu – Sunshine

Ryan Monroe – Turning Over Leaves

TalkFine – Can’t Wait To Say No