Happy President’s Day to my American brethren. Today we essentially roll the birthdays of 2 U.S. Presidents into one day and call it a holiday. It helps that they were two of the greatest Presidents of all time, whom history books have written about both at length. George Washington was our very first President, not to mention a war hero, so his work in freeing America from British rule was clearly unprecedented at the time. Abraham Lincoln held a similar key in his hand, unlocking the freedom of millions of enslaved African Americans, even though the path to true equality wound up being far longer and more difficult than anybody would truly realize. So we salute both of those great men today, not that any of you needed a history lesson filled with the most basic facts you probably already knew. Let’s move on, shall we? In today’s special extended holiday edition of Pick Your Poison, I’m proud to recommend tracks from Black Mountain, Black Tambourine, Charli XCX (part of my Class of 2012), Diplo, Electric Flower Group, Luke Roberts, Nu Sensae, TacocaT and THEESatisfaction. In the Soundcloud section, please by all means stream some great songs from Django Django along with Trentemoller’s remix of The Drums.

Black Mountain – Mary Lou

Black Tambourine – What’s Your Game

Charli XCX – I’ll Never Know

Dan London – Little Bit About Me

Diplo – Express Yourself (ft. Nicky Da B)

Electric Flower Group – Eclipsed

Jonquil – It’s My Part (Co La Remix)

A Little Affair – December

Luke Roberts – His Song

Miike Snow – Devil’s Work (Keys N Krates Remix)

Nu Sensae – Gumbo

Pets With Pets – Pixie Child

Poppet – Wayward Notions

Rusko – Somebody to Love (Skream Remix)

Subburbia – I’ve Got No Friends

TacocaT – Spring Break-Up

THEESatisfaction – QueenS

tree – Universal (ft. Ariel Thiermann)


Automusik – General Masses

Django Django – Default

The Drums – Days (Trentemoller Remix)

Evans The Death – Telling Lies

Portico Quartet – City of Glass (LV Remix)