As I typically am on Fridays, I can’t wait to officially start my weekend. Not that my weekdays were anything worth writing home about. But there’s still that sense of relaxation and having nothing on the calendar or FUN on the calendar for a couple days that always brings some excitement to it. So I hope you’ve got a nice weekend planned, and we’ll start this whole thing again on Monday. Here’s some mp3s to get you going. I’ll recommend tracks from Christopher Paul Stelling, Eyes Wings & Many Other Things, Midtown Dickens, Sophia Knapp, Superhumanoids and The Young. There’s also a nice pair of covers in the Soundcloud section for your streaming pleasure, including Pete Yorn doing the Beach Boys and The Kills doing Velvet Underground.

The Cast of Cheers – Family (Royal Scams Remix)

Christopher Paul Stelling – Solar Flares

Clubfeet – BrightLightsBigCity

Dreamend – Your Apparition Stays With Me Still

Eyes, Wings & Many Other Things – Cruelty

Filewile – You Say I (Electric Blanket Remix)

The James Low Western Front – I Would Have You

The Jayhawks – She Walks in So Many Ways (Live)

Midtown Dickens – Only Brother

Pandercakes – Paint By Numbers

Sophia Knapp – Into the Waves

Superhumanoids – Geri

Uncle Roman’s Jetboat – Floodlights in the Sunlight
Uncle Roman’s Jetboat – Fearless Like Yourself

The Young – Livin’ Free


Capybara – Neighbor Crimes

The Kills – Pale Blue Eyes (Velvet Underground cover)

The New Limb – Refugees

Pete Yorn – Surfer Girl (Beach Boys cover)

Skyjelly – Shepherd’s Pantry

Yournalist – C’mon People