Best Coast

Here in Chicago, this weekend is shaping up to be our last fling for summer-like weather. Highs in the mid-to-upper 70s and not a single chance for rain. It should be a delight before temperatures go down the crapper. It’s important on a weekend such as this one to get out as much as possible and enjoy it, because who knows how long it’ll be until the next time. All of this makes me look back at the summer of 2010 and the great things it brought. Perhaps my favorite musical treat and the perfect soundtrack to the days of fun in the sun was Best Coast’s debut record “Crazy For You”. In honor of those memories and the last nice weekend for awhile, Live Friday this weeks is a session with Best Coast. Bethany, Bobb and Ali stopped by Minnesota Public Radio a couple weeks ago while on tour and played a couple tracks. They all sound great, as they also did when I saw Best Coast back in July. The band also does an interview where they discuss things like Bill Murray being a fan, the rumors that Bobb used to babysit Bethany back in the day, and the Mall of America. I also can’t forget to mention cats. There’s more cat talk. It’s all good, and even if you’re someplace where the weather isn’t so nice this weekend, I hope you’ll find these songs a lot of fun anyways.

Best Coast, Live on MPR 9-28-10:
Best Coast – The End (Live on MPR)
Best Coast – Boyfriend (Live on MPR)
Best Coast – Summer Mood (Live on MPR)

Stream the entire interview/session

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