John Lennon’s 70th birthday would have been tomorrow, and I really hope you’ll be doing something to help celebrate the life of one of the greatest musical talents this world has ever known. As some people do, I tend to place at least a little bit of blame on Yoko Ono for the ultimate demise of The Beatles and the start of John’s solo career that kind of paled compared to all he’d done before. But no matter how you feel about John Lennon, especially if you’re a wholehearted McCartney supporter, you should give the guy some respect for penning such amazing songs.

Unfortunately I can’t “legally” give you a bunch of Lennon songs as part of today’s Pick Your Poison, but I can give you a bunch of solid mp3s for your weekend listening pleasure. You’ll want to pay particular attention to songs from The Charlatans, The High Dials and Twin Shadow. The band Odd Future is pretty cool too, and they’d very much like you to know that their sound is NOT horror-core. I actually agree with them on that one. Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered what The Strokes’ “Take It Or Leave It” might sound like as a synth-pop girl band song, The Suzan have you covered below.

Cashes Rivers – Our Boats

The Charlatans – Love Is Ending

Cheap Time – I’d Rather Be Alone

The High Dials – Chinese Boxes

Keepaway – 100 (Sunglasses Remix)

Midnight Juggernauts – Lara Vs. The Savage Pack (LOL Boys Remix)

Odd Future – Sandwitches

Samuel ft. Joell Ortiz – I Heart NY Remix

Sorry No Ferrari – Ashtar

The Suzan – Take It Or Leave It (The Strokes cover)

Twin Shadow – Castles in the Snow