Unlike an actual job, I don’t take much in the way of vacation on this here site. I try and post at least one thing every Monday thru Friday, so the occasional holidays are about my only chances to take a break and not have to write something up. Today is Columbus Day (or Thanksgiving in Canada), and while many government employees and such had the day off, to me it’s just another Monday. And so I’ll treat it the same right here, and we’ll do Pick Your Poison as usual. Highlights today include tracks from Glass Vaults, Home Video, Plates of Cake and Tyvek.

Eyeye – Storm

Glass Vaults – Forget Me Not

Home Video – The Smoke

Humanfly – Stew for the Murder Minded

Jed and Lucia – Apostrophe

My Other Friend – Beast (Separated From You At Birth)

Ockums Razor – Pusher

Plates of Cake – Private Yacht

Sacred Animals – Chosen Seed

Tyvek – 4312

Útidúr – Fisherman’s Friend
Útidúr – Grasping for Thoughts