The cure for your mid-week blues lies within today’s Pick Your Poison. Great tracks in this set start with a new one from The Appleseed Cast. You might remember Kevin Krauter from the band Hoops, but he’s been doing quite well with some solo material lately. “Pretty Boy” is the first song he’s released since last year’s lovely debut album Toss Up. And I’m always in favor of a good cover, so Laura Jean Anderson’s version of “I’m Lonely (But I Ain’t That Lonely Yet)” offers an interesting take on The White Stripes original. Roll through the jump for even more music from Ajani Jones, Alex Winston, Chris LaRocca, CODE, Matt Muse, Petite Meller, So Sensitive, Tisoki (ft. KARRA), and Zero (ft. boonn).

The Appleseed Cast – The Journey

Kevin Krauter – Pretty Boy

Laura Jean Anderson – I’m Lonely (But I Ain’t That Lonely Yet) [The White Stripes Cover]

Ajani Jones – Lucid

Alex Winston – Miss U 1000000

Chris LaRocca – Salt

CØDE – Ghita

Matt Muse – Ain’t No

Petite Meller – Aeroplane

So Sensitive – My Heart Is Open

Tisoki – Don’t Lie (ft. KARRA)

Zero – Aim Steady (ft. boonn)