Clairo is quickly evolving into one of the most fascinating artists to invade the pop world in recent memory, bolstered in part by her strong lyrics and production work from Rostam. I’m getting the feeling she’ll wind up closer to Sky Ferreira than Billie Eilish in terms of overall success, but it’ll be fun to watch either way. Get another taste of her upcoming debut album via the track below. Few artists possess a voice as powerful and emotionally complex as serpentwithfeet, so we’re always fortunate when he decides to grace us with new material. His new collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign keeps up his streak of great music. Then Portland band Summer Cannibals offer one last taste of their excellent upcoming record (out tomorrow!) if you’re interested in hearing some fuzzed out rock and roll. But wait, there’s more! If you journey beyond the jump you’ll find additional songs from Beach Bums, Clark, Fifty Grand (ft. Kankan & Mixed Matches), The Goa Express, GRAACE, Jacques Greene x Cadence Weapon, Janice Prix, Monomotion (ft. FEYNMAN), and mxmtoon.

Clairo – Closer to You

serpentwithfeet – Receipts (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)

Summer Cannibals – Behave

Beach Bums – Tacos

Clark – Cannibal Homecoming

Fifty Grand – Summer Rain (ft. Kankan & Mixed Matches)

The Goa Express – The Day

GRAACE – Have Fun at Your Party

Jacques Greene x Cadence Weapon – Night Service

Janice Prix – Glitch

Monomotion – Mango (ft. FEYNMAN)

mxmtoon – high & dry