There’s some exciting news today in the form of a brand new Beck album titled Hyperspace that’s scheduled to come out at an “as yet undetermined point in the space-time continuum.” Those are his words, not mine. He’s given us a song from that record, which you can stream below. The last time Beck did this, he gave us the song “Dreams” as a teaser for a new album, then waited two years before finally releasing it. Hopefully this one comes through faster. Also in today’s Pick Your Poison highlights are new songs from shoegazers Blushing as well as post-punk band Editors. Keep traveling past the jump for even more tracks from 0171, Blastic (ft. Myah Marie), Dan Shake, GANZ (ft. Jantine), Jacob Lee, Jeanines, Sunbathers, Thin Lear, and more!

Beck – Saw Lightning

Blushing – Dream Merchants

Editors – Hallelujah (So Low)

0171 – SMTHN RL

Blastic – Different (ft. Myah Marie)

Dan Shake – Can’t Take It

GANZ – Carry Me (ft. Jantine)

Jacob Lee – Conscience

Jeanines – Either Way

Resina – In In (Ben Frost Remix)

Sunbathers – The Deep End

Thin Lear – Death in a Field