File today’s Pick Your Poison highlights under the headline of “things that start with Jes-“. Thrilled to feature new tracks from Jesca Hoop (ft. Lucius), Jesse, and Jessie Reyez (ft. 6lack). But wait, you’ll find even more songs to stream after the jump, including ones from Danny Matos (ft. Samantha Leon & Taylor Tucker), Deadbeat & Camara, Instupendo, Landon Cube, Say Yes Dog, Sevdaliza, Snow Ghosts, The Vaughns, and Vicky-T (ft. Will Connolly).

Jesca Hoop – Shoulder Charge (ft. Lucius)

Jesse – Tunnelovision

Jessie Reyez – Imported (ft. 6lack)

Danny Matos – Movin’ On (ft. Samantha Leon & Taylor Tucker)

Deadbeat & Camara – To Love Is To Bury

Instupendo – Cinderella

Landon Cube – Makeup

Say Yes Dog – Lies

Sevdaliza – Martyr

Snow Ghosts – Heavy Heart

The Vaughns – 50%

Vicky-T – Picture to Burn (ft. Will Connolly)