One of my favorite things about Pick Your Poison is the diversity of the music being presented. There’s a reason why EDM is paired alongside bands alongside rap alongside country, etc. The main goal is to challenge your perceptions and explore without the confinement of genre. So yeah, you’re seeing Gesaffelstein paired with Lafawndah and Welshly Arms in a 1-2-3 combo you won’t find anywhere else. You might also be interested in the songs after the jump, including ones from Business of Dreams, Jennah Bell, Jerry Williams, k?d, Object Blue, Picture This, Vok, WAVEDASH, and Wintersleep.

Gesaffelstein – Lost in the Fire

Lafawndah – Daddy

Welshly Arms – Learn to Let Go

Business of Dreams – Keep the Blues Away

Jennah Bell – Another Louisiana

Jerry Williams – David at the Bar

k?d – Find Paradise (Show Edit)

Object Blue – Forgiveness Is A Pearl In Hand

Picture This – If You Wanna Be Loved

Vök – Erase You

WAVEDASH – Whiplash

Wintersleep – Beneficiary