Make a new music discovery today through this wonderful piece of magic known as Pick Your Poison. Leading things off in this set are songs from Justus Proffit, Low Life, and Mdou Moctar, three talents you should be excited about. There’s even more good stuff after the jump, including tracks from Astrid, Bendik Giske, Daniel Thorne, Leon Vynehall, Light Conductor, Malihini, Ohtis, Rudolf C, and more!

Justus Proffit – Painted In The Sound

Low Life – The Pitts

Mdou Moctar – Kamane Tarhanin

Astrid – Poison Reaction

Bendik Giske – Up

Cheat Codes – Feeling Of Falling ft. Kim Petras (Steve Aoki Remix)

Daniel Thorne – From Inside, Looking Out

Leon Vynehall – Ducee’s Drawbar

Light Conductor – A Bright Resemblance (Radio Edit)

Malihini – Delusional Boy

Ohtis – Rehab

Rudolf C – Deep Sea Survivor