Today’s Pick Your Poison is overflowing with exceptional songs, which is always a good problem to have. In terms of new artists to discover, Pllush is certainly high on that list, and this track “Big Train” explodes out of the gate while managing to contain some strong advice about loving yourself. We just got a surprise new album from stoner rock legends Sleep last month, but it seems like they held back one epic, 16+ minute track to include as part of Adult Swim’s Singles series. Smoke up and take it all in. Speaking of Adult Swim Singles, there’s also something brand new from Tim Hecker as part of that series. It’s the first thing we’ve heard from him in two years, and the ambient instrumental piles on horns and organs in some sort of wizardly sound collage. Get on it. Keep going past the jump for more music from the likes of A Boogie wit da Hoodie (ft. Davido), Cam Maclean, Coleman Hell, The Cool Kids (ft. Boldy James), Femdot, Highasakite, Kailee Morgue (ft. Whethan), Michael Christmas, and Walton (ft. Riko Dan).

Pllush – Big Train

Sleep – Leagues Beneath

Tim Hecker – Rose Light

A Boogie wit da Hoodie – Way Too Fly (ft. Davido)

Cam Maclean – Wait For Love

Coleman Hell – Hold On Me

The Cool Kids – OilBass (ft. Boldy James)

Femdot – Ryu

Highasakite – Out of Order

Kailee Morgue – Do You Feel This Way (ft. Whethan)

Michael Christmas – Ball

Walton – No Mercy (ft. Riko Dan)