There are a few real delights in today’s edition of Pick Your Poison. That particularly goes for fans of synth-infused pop music. The latest French language single from Anemone is bright as a summer’s day with a hook that’ll stick with you even if you don’t understand the language. There’s also a new one from Chad Valley, which keeps the upbeat vibe going with a sparkling slice of dance pop. And while the latest song from Frog Eyes’ final record might not have the energy of the other two, it still manages to harness a shimmering beauty that few bands are able to do better. Just beyond the jump, you’ll find plenty more music from names such as Kell Kellum, Kutiman, Lotic, LP Giobbi, Nytrix, Richard Edwards, Route 8, Sons Of An Illustrious Father, and more!

Anemone – Bout De Toi

Chad Valley – See-Through

Frog Eyes – Pay for Fire

Kell Kellum – Slip/Fall

Kutiman – Lucid Dream

Lotic – Hunted

LP Giobbi – Amber Rose

Nytrix – Until The Edge

Richard Edwards – Howlin’ Heart

Route 8 – Come Home

Sons Of An Illustrious Father – When Things Fall Apart

Xinobi – Far Away Place (Tensnake Remix)