Don’t forget that Record Store Day is this Saturday! Make sure to stop in at your local, independent vinyl retailer and buy something. There are plenty of exclusives available too, which should make the trip worth it. Hit up for full details. Some days it’s particularly tough to decide which songs to feature in any given day’s collection of tracks. Today is one of those days. Need to include at least one local artist if possible, so I’d encourage you to give Chicago’s own Deeper a shot. Their debut album will be out next month, but you can get a taste of their intricate, post-punk(-ish) sound below. Hundred Waters tend to specialize in beautiful music with a pop twist, and while their latest song might not be their catchiest, the piano ballad “Mushroom Cloud” still manages to stun. Then there’s Omni’s new one, which falls perfectly in line with their intricate and lo-fi guitar work. Sail on past the jump if you’ve got any interest in hearing more music from artists such as AVEC, CHILDCARE, Margaux Avril, RF Shannon, Sarah Mary Chadwick, Sharda, Sugar Candy Mountain, Taleen Kali, and Ukiyo (ft. Chimes).

Deeper – Pavement

Hundred Waters – Mushroom Cloud

Omni – Confessional

AVEC – Love


Margaux Avril – Drifting

RF Shannon – Tooth Ache

Sarah Mary Chadwick – Flow Over Me

Sharda – Chin Up

Sugar Candy Mountain – Crystalline

Taleen Kali – Half Lie

Ukiyo – Go (ft. Chymes)