Now that we’re three weeks deep into this new year, things are really starting to pick up! Case in point, there’s a really exciting week of Pick Your Poison dead ahead. We’ll get started today with top notch downloads from Datenight, Echo Bloom, Motorcade, Vic Mensa, and a bunch more. Journey beyond the jump to get on board with streams from Chris Dave (ft. Anderson .Paak), Computer Magic, G-dot, HAUS, ionnalee (ft. Jamie Irrepressible), Leyya, Liz Huett (covering Tom Petty), Parade of Lights, Penguin Prison, Poster Children, SPINN, and Uppermost (ft. Yudimah).

Blake Banks – By My Side (ft. Lil Duke)

Datenight – Gone Tomorrow

Echo Bloom – The Duke

J Hacha de Zola – My Special Angel (Bobby Vinton cover)

Motorcade – Deliver

Reigen – How to Make Love

Two Dark Birds – Pretty Wing

Vic Mensa – Diplomatic Immunity (Freestyle)


Chris Dave – Black Hole (ft. Anderson .Paak)

Computer Magic – Delirium (Don’t Follow the Sheep)

G-dot – Fake News

HAUS – Shameless

ionnalee – Dunes of Sand (ft. Jamie Irrepressible)

Leyya – Heat

Liz Huett – You Don’t Know How It Feels (Tom Petty cover)

Parade of Lights – Tidal Waves

Penguin Prison – Keep Coming Alive

Poster Children – Grand Bargain!

SPINN – After Dark

Uppermost – Slide (ft. Yudimah)