You might be interested to know that next week here on Faronheit will be an epic year-end spectacular, featuring lists of some of my favorite songs and albums from 2017. It promises to be a fun time with lots of opportunity for discovery, so make sure to check back for that! In the meantime, here’s another edition of Pick Your Poison to provide the soundtrack to good health and good gifts. Notable tracks in this set come from Billie Eilish (ft. Vince Staples), The Octopus Project, and Poppy Ackroyd. Click through the jump to stream more songs from artists that include joan, Lauren Auder, Louis the Child (ft. Caroline Ailin), Runaway Brother, Shalyah Fearing, Stevie Wolf, Vern Matz, Wafia, and Yungblud.

Billie Eilish – &burn (ft. Vince Staples)

The Octopus Project – LEG

Poppy Ackroyd – Paper

joan – tokyo

Lauren Auder – The Baptist

Louis the Child – Last to Leave (ft. Caroline Ailin)

Runaway Brother – Paws

Shalyah Fearing – I’ll Get Over You

Stevie Wolf – Who

Vern Matz – Shelby Park

Wafia – Only Love

Yungblud – Tin Pan Boy