It’s a short holiday week, which makes life that much more bearable, doesn’t it? Get even further on board with downloads in this set from notables such as Calamity the Kid, Mereki, The Morning Yells, and Wolkoff. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Chelsea Lankes, Crymynals (ft. Choice), C-Trox, Hussey, iDA HAWK, Keys N Krates (ft. Ambre), Korey Dane (ft. Zella Day), KOWL, Maggie Lindemann, Marco McKinnis, Novo Amor & Ed Tullett, and Pinkshinyultrablast.

Calamity the Kid – American Muscle

Chasing Shadows – Warning Signs

Mereki – Got It All

The Morning Yells – She Knows Exactly What She’s Doing

Mo Troper – Dictator Out of Work

NVDES – Do You Think About Me (Back Talk Remix)

Someday River – Over the Weather

Wolkoff – I Seen Stories


Chelsea Lankes – Matches

Crymynals – Crazy & Alive (ft. Choice)

C-Trox – Feeling Lucky

Hussey – All Things

iDA HAWK – Start Again

Keys N Krates – Glitter (ft. Ambré)

Korey Dane – Blood On The Mattress (ft. Zella Day)

KOWL – You & Me

Maggie Lindemann – Obsessed

Marco McKinnis – Middle of the Party

Novo Amor & Ed Tullett – Terraform

Pinkshinyultrablast – In The Hanging Gardens