Chicago is getting an early fall heat wave, and in all honesty I couldn’t be happier about it. Well, outside of the whole climate change factor that’s probably behind it. But I’m not ready for pumpkin spice and Halloween just yet (we’re still over a month away), so an extra dose of summer will always be welcome. Let’s get into today’s Pick Your Poison, which has a bunch of hot tracks to hopefully match the weather. Notable downloads in this set come from The Lymbs, Shining Mirrors, Tony Range, and Warning Light. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream new stuff from Cults, Dark0, DJ Snake (ft. Lauv), Document, Emma Jensen, Hoodie Allen, Luna Shadows (covering Brand New), Shy Luv (ft. Bakar), Strange Ranger, Upstairs Open, VON GREY, and Warm Brew.

Gestures & Sounds – Ass Over Tea Kettle

The Lymbs – In A Hall of Mirrors

Melanie? – 16 Candles

The Morning Yells – She Got Time

Shining Mirrors – Cardiac

Tony Range – Love Story

Warning Light – Gloworming Through the Southern Skies


Cults – Right Words

Dark0 – Qarin

DJ Snake – A Different Way (ft. Lauv)

Document – Habit

Emma Jensen – Make You Mine

Hoodie Allen – Ain’t Ready

Luna Shadows – Jesus Christ (Brand New cover)

Shy Luv – Like A River (ft. Bakar)

Strange Ranger – Hydration Is Key

Upstairs Open – You Got Love

VON GREY – Hearse

Warm Brew – Small Victories