Say hello to another Monday with a whole bunch of quality new tracks to help get you through the misery. I’m happy to recommend downloads in this set from Birds of Bellwoods, the FYA MAN remix of the Jamila Woods/Chance the Rapper collaboration, Kotomi, and The Sighs. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Anna of the North, Francis, Jesse Kivel, JYYE, Kiasmos, LEKS (ft. Sasha Kay), Mozzy (ft. YFN Lucci & Kolyon), Noble Oak, Riot Ten (ft. Rico Act), Trippy Turtle (ft. Disco Duck), and Yumi Zouma.

Benjah Ninjah – Clockwork

Birds of Bellwoods – Catching Up

J Hacha de Zola – A Fanciful Invention

Jamila Woods ft. Chance the Rapper – LSD (FYA MAN Chicago Juke/Footwork Edition)

Kotomi – Ooh La La

Melville – Televised

Schizoph – NOTHING. (ft. DJ Jefex)

The Sighs – Love From Lisa


Anna of the North – Money

Chance the Rapper – All Night (Louis the Child Remix)

Francis – Swing

Jesse Kivel – LA Story

JYYE – Tender Love

Kiasmos – Blurred

LEKS – Amazing (ft. Sasha Kay)

Mozzy – Stay Over There (ft. YFN Lucci & Kolyon)

Noble Oak – Distance Gone

Riot Ten – Rail Breaker (ft. Rico Act)

Trippy Turtle – Super Song (ft. Disco Duck)

Yumi Zouma – Depths (Pt. 1)