If we’re lucky enough, maybe there will be so much new music released this summer that Pick Your Poison can sustain extended editions with downloads twice each week instead of once! Time will tell, but in the meantime, there’s plenty to go around. I’ll wholeheartedly recommend tracks in this set from ANA ANA, Beta Days, Impuritees and Jelly Ellington. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Andrew Applepie (ft. Bjurman), Ashe, Barns Courtney, BLESSED, Bok Bok, The Dears, Doldrums, Jordan Rakei, Noise Cans (ft. Jesse Royal), Tora, Twinsmith and Umm.

ANA ANA – You Got Me

Beta Days – Agendas

Big Fresh – Like Swayze (ft. Michelle Hollis)

Dan Raza – Pay Day

David W. Halsell – Ionosphere and Guidance

Impuritees – Acceptance

Jelly Ellington – Sunset

Klangstof – Hostage (Shallou Remix)

The Outros – Face the Evil


Andrew Applepie – Drowning World (ft. Bjurman)

Ashe – Used To It

Barns Courtney – Golden Dandelions

BLESSED – Fairytale

Bok Bok – Know Already

The Dears – All the Hail Marys

Doldrums – Machine Boi

Jordan Rakei – Sorceress

Noise Cans – No War (ft. Jesse Royal)

Tora – Empyrean

Twinsmith – Boji

Umm – I’m In Love