There are quite a few great songs in today’s Pick Your Poison, and it’s difficult to choose only a couple to really highlight. Definitely listen through the entire set if you can, because there’s some real gems buried in here. Briana Marela specializes in ethereal pop arrangements, and on “Give Me Your Love,” the latest preview for her forthcoming album (out 8/4), she manages to push that aesthetic a step further. The echoes, overdubbed and harmonized vocal hook morphs along with the tempo to dip a toe into pseudo dance music. It works remarkably well, especially when paired with the new Kedr Livanskiy track “Ariadna”. Livanskiy is known as a creator and producer of dynamic electronic tracks, and her use of space, synths and reverb here makes for a hauntingly beautiful dance track. Speaking of hauntingly beautiful, you can get another preview of Mutual Benefit’s forthcoming full album cover of Vashti Bunyan’s 1969 classic Just Another Diamond Day below. It’s tough to think of another artist more equipped to take on such a landmark album, and the combination of acoustic guitar, violin and meek vocals really takes the original song in a different (yet equally great) direction. Those in search of a psychededlic pick-me-up need look no further than the fresh instrumental synth jam from Black Moth Super Rainbow member TOBACCO. If you’ve heard his stuff before, you pretty much know what to expect on “Got Wet in the Bomb Shelter” – strong, energetic beats tied to synths that sound like they were shot out of some sort of futuristic laser gun. It’s fun stuff, and a bit trippy when associated with the right visual. Other tracks in this set come from Clairo, Electric Guest, Katie Von Schleicher, Lafa Taylor & Aabo, Laoise, MIKE, Pandreas and RAC (ft. St. Lucia).

Briana Marela – Give Me Your Love

Kedr Livanskiy – Ariadna

Mutual Benefit – Diamond Day (Vashti Bunyan cover)

TOBACCO – Got Wet in the Bomb Shelter

Clairo – Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Electric Guest – Oh Devil

Katie Von Schleicher – Sell It Back

Lafa Taylor & Aabo – Already Found

Laoise – Shooting

MIKE – Gods With Me

Pandreas – Slam Jam

RAC – The Beautiful Game (ft. St. Lucia)