There’s something about “If Before I Wake,” the new song from The Districts, that feels like a gritty mixture of Interpol and Joy Division. Granted the vocals are largely responsible for that comparison, but there’s also some gripping aesthetics at play as it charges forward, like a man walking against high winds during a storm. Much more mellow and heartfelt is the slowed down, acoustic version that Maggie Rogers put together for her hit single “Alaska”. It makes a good case for the original version, which is not to say this acoustic one is bad, just so different that you understand better why the final record version earned her so many fans. If you prefer dreamy songs with a heavy synth component, I’ll also recommend the gorgeous new one from Sleep Party People. Other artists in this set include Amine (ft. Missy Elliott & AJ Tracey), Love Theme, Madou, Marnie, T-Pain & Lil Wayne, Xan Griffin (ft. WILD) and a whole bunch of remixes.

The Districts – If Before I Wake

Maggie Rogers – Alaska (Acoustic)

Sleep Party People – The Sun Will Open Its Core

Amine – REDMERCEDES (Remix ft. Missy Elliott & AJ Tracey)

London Grammar – Oh Woman Oh Man (MK Remix)

Love Theme – Desert Exile

Madou – Nowhere Else

Marnie – Electric Youth

Ryder – Nirvana (Kulkid Remix)

SunSquabi – Pygmy Up (Cloudchord Remix)

T-Pain & Lil Wayne – Listen to Me

Xan Griffin – Gemini (ft. WILD)