Memorial Day weekend is dead ahead, and Pick Your Poison is here to supply a fresh batch of tunes to keep your BBQ going strong. There’s something utterly compelling about Children of Pop’s new song “Poids” that defies easy explanation. It skitters and scrapes along at an almost minimalist level with vocals that barely rise above exhaustion, yet you don’t really want to turn it off or ignore it. DAWN continues her streak of spectacular R&B with an emotional yet soaring unreleased track. Chicago’s own Pink Frost return after a short break, and it’s clear things have changed in a big way for them, particularly since the light, semi-psychedelic acoustic guitar strums and piano combination is a far cry from the intense, loud and not-very-radio-friendly noise rock/drones of their earlier work. I mean, they had softened up a bit on their last album in 2013, but this is almost completely defanged. But it’s still pretty great, and I’ll happily recommend that you give it a shot. Other tracks in this set come from ALASKALASKA, Allure, Braqueberry, David Nance, DonMonique, Elysia Crampton, French Horn Rebellion, SAM F (ft. JVZEL) and Wafia.

Children of Pop – Poids

DAWN – Break Me

Pink Frost – Avian

ALASKALASKA – Bitter Winter

Allure – Opera

Braqueberry – U Must Be Ill

David Nance – Negative Boogie

DonMonique – Selfish

Elysia Crampton – Spittle

French Horn Rebellion – Seven

SAM F – Zone (ft. JVZEL)

Wafia – 83 Days