So you’re headed to Lollapalooza, and the festival doesn’t provide enough live music for your tastes. Or you’re from Chicago and detest the whole mega festival experience, and just wish you could see some of the best bands on the lineup without having to drag yourself around Grant Park for a full day of sweat and misery in the sun. Either way, the Lollapalooza Aftershows have you covered. They’re also a way for Chicago’s many concert venues to actually make a buck for a few nights since the festival “radius clause” prohibits many of the artists from performing in the Chicagoland area for a couple months both before and after Lollapalooza. Anyways, with four full days of music this year, there’s understandably a few more aftershows than usual. Just over 55 total over six days, by my count. If you’re interested in attending one or more of these, I strongly encourage you to check out the full list now and prepare for the onslaught of buying that is this Friday morning at 10 AM CST. While you wait, let me also encourage you to invest some time in today’s Pick Your Poison. There’s some great downlaods in this set from Apres (ft. Lole), Lee Bannon, Queen of the Meadow, The Valery Trails and VHOL. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Ben Chatwin, Big Business, Dappled Cities, Elijah Noll, Garden City Movement, Madeline Kenney, of Montreal, Ryley Walker, Sur Back and Yung.

Apres – Wonder Why (ft. Lole)

Lee Bannon – 3m12 Disc 2-sideD

Queen of the Meadow – Caleb

Sunny Ade – 365 Is My Number (G. Markus G-Edit #3)

The Valery Trails – OK

VHOL – Dispatch

Young Greatness – Ball


Ben Chatwin – Inflexion

Big Business – Regulars

Dappled Cities – That Sound

Elijah Noll – Ride

Garden City Movement – She’s So Untouchable

Madeline Kenney – Signals

of Montreal – it’s different for girls

Ryley Walker – The Halfwit in Me

Sur Back – Trophy Daughter

Yung – Commercial