Oh hey, Monday. Didn’t see you there. Was kinda hoping that weekend would just go on forever. Alas, such things are not meant to be. At least Pick Your Poison is here to help make things better. Quality tracks in this set from Bishop Nehru, Conveyor, Love At First Sound, POllen and Stefan Weich. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream new songs from Alex Lahey, Avec Sans, Drowners, Field Mouse, Jay Som, NV, Petite League, Ryan Hemsworth, School ’94, Trust Punks, Yoo-Yoo and more!

Bishop Nehru – It’s Whateva

Conveyor – What A Low Heart

Kim Killspeed – Inside

Love At First Sound – Song Written About Girls

Pollen – Go Again

Stefan Weich – Louie

Sunhill – What A Drag

Yves Lambert Trio – Suite Pour Justin


Alex Lahey – You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me

Avec Sans – Perth

Drowners – Conversations With Myself

Field Mouse – The Mirror

Jay Som – I Think You’re Alright

NV – Binasu

Petite League – Zookeeper

Roosevelt – Colours (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

Ryan Hemsworth – How It Felt

School ’94 – Bound

Trust Punks – Good Luck With That

Yoo-Yoo – Pet Shop Boys