It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another weekly dip into the pool of music news, interviews and videos that I like to call This Week In Music! Yes, in addition to the normal Pick Your Poison mp3s and Soundcloud streams, I like to toss out links to a bunch of other music-related content that I’ve found interesting or worthwhile over the course of the week. I encourage you to check some, if not all of these things out, particularly if you’re looking to waste some time. There’s plenty to see, read and hear:

LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy is working to turn data from U.S. Open tennis matches into music

Music Video: The Weeknd – King of the Fall

Will Martin Scorsese be directing a film about The Ramones?

Music Video: Zola Jesus – Dangerous Days

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo is developing a sitcom with Fox based around his life

Music Video: Broken Bells – Control

Neil Young is reportedly divorcing his wife of 36 years

Music Video: Grimes – Go

YouTube Audio Stream: QT – Hey QT

Music Video: J Mascis – Every Morning

Once you’re done with that set of distractions, let me offer up another set via some song downloads and streams. Don’t miss tracks from Abbie Barrett and The Last Date, Lonesome Leash, Los Angeles Police Department, Soonbe, Teach Me Equals and We Are The Willows. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream cuts from Cass McCombs, Meat Puppets, Minus the Bear, School, Semi Precious, Slow Magic and Spray Paint.

Abbie Barrett and The Last Date – Lake House Moon

Dev79 & Buddy Leezle – Summertime Champions

Infuze & Bot – Analog Ting

Lonesome Leash – The Night Was Old

Los Angeles Police Department – Waste

P-80 & Rattraps – Sleepless

The Persian Leaps – Pretty Boy

Soonbe – Ouroboros

Teach Me Equals – Coelacanth

Vandettes – What I Do

We Are The Willows – Dear Ms. Branstner



Cass McCombs – Night of the World

Meat Puppets – (Hey Baby) Que Paso

Minus the Bear – Cat Calls & Ill Means

School – SoLong

Semi Precious – When It’s Hard

Slow Magic – Waited 4 U

Spray Paint – Threesomes Can Wait