Frankie Rose has built up a nice little career for herself, first playing a variety of instruments with a variety of different bands (including Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls and the now-defunct Vivian Girls), and then starting her own band which went from Frankie Rose and the Outs down to simply Frankie Rose thanks to some lineup shifts. She’s released three albums over the last five years, with 2012’s Interstellar marking a shift in sonic direction from a lo-fi garage rock sound to synth pop. That was clearly a wise decision, as the response to it was overwhelmingly positive. Last year’s Herein Wild continued that trend, and though it wasn’t as well received, there’s still plenty to love about it. The real tragedy is how underappreciated she has been and continues to be. Every band she’s been in has improved due to her presence, and her solo records keep falling into the category of “overlooked” for whatever reason. How are people missing out, and why isn’t she more popular? Her live show certainly isn’t an issue either, as I’ve seen her perform three times and thoroughly enjoyed each one. At this point maybe it’s best to think of Rose and her music like we’re in on some sort of secret that only a small group of us truly understand. At the same time, perhaps it’s best that we not keep this secret to ourselves. Introduce her to your friends and family first, maybe using her cover of the Damned’s “Street of Dreams” as a good entry point. Of course, “Sorrow” is also a good option. Then maybe take a step backwards and download a super catchy single like “Know Me” to really get hooked. If you, dear reader, aren’t familiar with Miss Rose’s body of work, this is a good starter guide for you as well. Once you get the catalog down, go see her perform. This upcoming Monday she’ll be rolling through Chicago for a show at Schubas. Tickets are a meager $10, and can be purchased here. Show up and support her so she’ll keep making great music for years to come! I can only hope that some of the bands featured in today’s Pick Your Poison wind up with careers as excellent as Frankie Rose’s. Don’t miss tracks in this set from Aziza and the Cure, Canon Logic, Drake, Kyle Bent, My Gold Mask, The Rebel Set, Tree and The Wet Secrets. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Bad Suns, Beat Culture, Diane Coffee (covering Washed Out), Kimono Kult and White Hinterland.

Akouo – Last Time

Aylu – 1996

Aziza and the Cure – Walked Away

Canon Logic – IBOK

Drake – Trophies

Hayley Reardon – Numb and Blue

Kyle Bent – Main Goal

My Gold Mask – Battles

Rafi eL – Dolor

The Rebel Set – Drop Out

Sun Glitters – Melted Into Vi (ft. Diverting Duo)

Tree – Uh Million (ft. Taylor Outlaw)

The Wet Secrets – Nightlife

Young Girls – Vigilante


Bad Suns – Transpose

Beat Culture – Shibuya (ft. KID A)

Diane Coffee – Amor Fati (Washed Out cover)

Empress Of – Tristeza (Delorean Remix)

Kimono Kult – Todo Menos El Dolor

White Hinterland – Ring the Bell