The middle of the week is the time I usually like to start thinking about the future – specifically the weekend and what show or shows I’m going to go and see. It doesn’t always work out – particularly if there aren’t any bands I like coming through town or I’ve got lots of other things going on – but in the fall I try to catch a concert at least once a week, even if it falls on a weekday. Which brings me to this upcoming weekend in Chicago. On Sunday night, the Sleigh Bells and Doldrums tour rolls through town for a show at Metro. First and foremost, if you’ve never seen Sleigh Bells perform live, they’re one of the best and most exciting acts on stage today. I’ve seen them three times now, and each has been a highly memorable and super fun experience. Actually, watch this clip of the band performing “Crown on the Ground” at SXSW 2012, which is a show I witnessed from up against the barricade. I haven’t been able to spot myself in the video, but I also didn’t bother pausing it to try and find out for sure. The point is, if you’re going to see Sleigh Bells live, be prepared for something high energy and loud. Unfortunately the band’s latest record Bitter Rivals is by far their weakest, and I’m sure a majority of their show these days is devoted to helping promote that album. Still, even with the so-so material I promise you that this band is worth the price of admission alone. That you get Doldrums opening up the evening is a really great bonus. If you’re not familiar with Doldrums, it’s the project of Canadian Airick Woodhead. After releasing a couple of EPs over the last few years, he finally put out his debut full length Lesser Evil in early 2013. The critics loved it, as did I, with an art-damaged DIY electro-based sound that’s drawn comparisons from Grimes (who’s a close friend) to Animal Collective. It’s very glitchy, often weird, but beat dominant and surprisingly catchy. Stream the full album on Soundcloud. Considering the lack of guitars, Doldrums might seem a little bit of an odd fit to be touring with the very guitar-heavy Sleigh Bells, but there’s enough white noise compositions between the two of them to make the pairing feel more apt than you might expect. I’ve never seen Doldrums perform live, but I’ve heard great things to the point where it’s worth showing up on time to experience it. Things kick off on Sunday at 9pm, the show is 18+, and tickets are $26. From what I understand, it’s really, really close to selling out, so buy your tickets in advance here. Now let’s get to today’s Pick Your Poison. Key tracks you’ll want to pay attention to today come from Ben Fuller, Delay Trees, Dovetail, Laurel, SWF and Weather Music. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from CYMBALS, Hospitality, Juan Wauters, No Joy, Say Lou Lou and Snowbird (Cocteau Twins’ Simon Raymonde).

Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons – Hurricane

Ben Fuller – Love Song for the People

Delay Trees – Perfect Heartache

DJ Scene & Jayceeoh – Damn

Dovetail – Big City

d.smithsucks – Fuck and Run (Liz Phair cover)

Grigori – Immune

Laurel – Fire Breather

Pet – Talk to You (Jack Tennis Remix)

Say Yes Dog – A Friend

SWF – Warrior

Tei Shi – Nevermind the End

Tic Tic Boom! – These Motions (Tapioca and the Flea Remix)

Weather Music – Incredible


CYMBALS – Erosion

Hospitality – I Miss Your Bones

Juan Wauters – Water

No Joy – Second Spine

Say Lou Lou – Beloved

Snowbird – Porcelain