Have you heard about this situation with rapper Tim Dog? For those who don’t know, Tim Dog was popular in the early 90s thanks to his hit track “Fuck Compton.” Since that time, he’s gone the ways of your MC Hammer’s and your Kriss Kross’s and vanished from the spotlight. I guess his money has all but run out recently, or he wants more, because in 2011 he was convicted of defrauding a number of women through an online dating scheme and ordered to pay $19,000 in restitution. Well, good ‘ol Tim Dog must have really not wanted to pay that money, because he was reported dead back in February. People mourned his passing and there was even a funeral. But then a couple weeks ago something strange happened. Nobody could produce a death certificate. There were no details about where he died or where he’s buried. Seems odd, right? Well, prosecutors thought so too, and have asked that an arrest warrant be issued for Tim Dog because he failed to make his legally required payments. It’s their belief he faked his death so he could get out of having to pay off the debt. If it does turn out that he’s actually still alive, it’d certainly make for one of the more impressive scams in recent memory. Then again if he’s never found maybe he really is dead. Or really really good at faking it. Here’s a report from WREG-TV in Memphis that has all the details on the hunt for Tim Dog. You know what’d really be great – if they put Dog the Bounty Hunter on the case. Dog vs. Dog. Just a thought – somebody get on that though. Okay, now let’s deal with today’s Pick Your Poison. There’s some strong tracks from City Light, Heaven, The March Divide, Pure Bathing Culture, Sheen and Therese Aune. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Case Studies, Diahrrea Planet, Exwife, Longboat and Standish/Carlyon.

City Light – Sweet Death

Desert Noises – Mercury (Kathleen Edwards cover)

Fialta – Photographs

Heaven – Colors in the Whites of Your Eyes

Humfree Bug Art – Back at the Start

Ian Place – Should Have Known

Is Tropical – Dancing Anymore (Spectral Park Remix)

James Blake – Retrograde (Mist Glider & Tree Remix)

The March Divide – So It Goes

Pure Bathing Culture – Pendulum

Seven Lions – Fevers (ft. Minnesota and Mimi Page)

Sheen – Lovelust

Therese Aune – Chameleon

XOV – Ku Klux Klan (Acoustic)


Case Studies – Everything

Diarrhea Planet – Separations

Exwife – Rituals

Hyetal – Jam the Network

Longboat – Basic Cable

Standish/Carlyon – Nono/Yoyo (HTRK Remix)