Do you like Beach House? I sure do. Do you like films – not music videos, but actual films? I like them almost as much as I like music (and by some degree, Beach House). Well, if you answered “yes” to those couple questions, I’ve got a treat for you. Beach House have created their own short film called “Forever Still,” a 30-minute chronicle of the band performing four songs from their latest album Bloom at four different locations in the Texas desert over the course of one night. If you thought these songs were gorgeous before, just wait until you see them paired with some lovely and striking camera work. I’ve always thought of Beach House as a very “sunrise and sunset” sort of band, best during the two most relaxing times of day, and this short film only enhances that idea. So anyways, if you’re interested in watching it, the full thing is up on YouTube for your enjoyment. It certainly gets my recommendation, as do tracks in today’s Pick Your Poison from the following artists: Airstrip, Field Mouse, Glow Marrow, Herve, Low, Shy Mirrors and The Turn ACLs. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream tracks from Cannon Beach, Elephant, Kisses and Summer Hours.

Airstrip – Sleepy

The Battle of Santiago – Republic

Eric & Magill – Tangled Up in Nets

Field Mouse – Tomorrow Is Yesterday

Glow Marrow – Bear Creek

Hervé – Gold (feat Maria Minerva)

Kameronessi & King Kong – Lisbon to San Francisco

Kurt Von Stetten – First Daughter

Low – Just Make It Stop

NICKEL – ZYGZM (Jean Nippon Remix)

Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo – Breaking Through

Shy Mirrors – Tinted Windows

Steel Trees – Revolution

Tom Morgan – One True Love

The Torn ACLs – Something About the Sky


Cannon Beach – Pink Lune

Elephant – Skyscraper

The Hectors – Episodes

Kisses – The Hardest Part

Summer Hours – Brilliant Things

Unsuddenly – You let me down