Every six months or a year or so, really whenever I feel like it’s time, I like to offer a refresher to new visitors explaining what Pick Your Poison is and why it exists. Since we’re still pretty much at the beginning of a new year, I might as well cover those details today. So Pick Your Poison started a couple years ago, when I came to the realization that I was getting hundreds of emails a day and was using maybe 5% of that content. I listened to 100% of it, but writing album reviews and sharing the occasional mp3 only allowed me to do so much curating. There was so much more good music out there I simply wasn’t able to give to you, the reader, because I didn’t have the time or fortitude to write about it all. Few people do. Plus, there are so many different types and genres of music around you’re never going to satisfy everyone’s tastes. I felt like the artists and their promoters deserved a little more than having their music pass through my ears and then sail off into oblivion. The choice I made was to completely open up the flood gates. Pick Your Poison got its name because it lays everything out on a virtual table in front of you, and then you choose your own fate. You might download something thinking it’s going to be interesting and exciting, only to discover it’s terrible. By that same logic you might also discover your new favorite band. The point is, the opportunity is there and the selection of music is eclectic enough that there’s a little something for everyone. I hope you enjoy the thrill of these daily posts as much as I do, even if some days are definitely better than others. Today’s edition is decent. Of the tracks below, I can definitely advise you to check out songs from Carroll, Circle, Frank Rabeyrolles, Frontier Ruckus, Midnight Spin, Stubborn Heart, Wintersleep and Youth Lagoon. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream tracks from Cold War Kids, The Go, Kinski and Night Moves.

alt-J – Breezeblocks (Acid Invaders Remix)

Apparatjik – Datascroller (Blue Foundation Remix)

Carroll – Lead Balloon

Circle – Shake It Off

Clementine & The Galaxy – Robot

Frank Rabeyrolles – Lush

Frontier Ruckus – Dealerships

Houses – Beginnings

Midnight Spin – Don’t Let Me Sleep

MT WARNING – Burn Again

Myopic – Jura

Stubborn Heart – Need Someone

Wintersleep – Permanent Sigh

Youth Lagoon – Dropla


Cold War Kids – Miracle Mile

Cowboy Indian Bear – Does Anybody See You Out?

The Go – It Always Happens to You

Golden Grrrls – Past Tense

Kinski – Conflict Free Diamonds

Night Moves – Colored Emotions