It’s snowing! Yes, here in Chicago, today was the first day of snowfall since the end of last winter. It actually set a record for the longest period of time without measurable snow in the area. Of course that snow drought would break just as meteorological winter arrives tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, is everyone excited for the apocalypse? Yep, if the world’s ending tomorrow, it’s been nice knowing you and we’ve had a great run. This could be the last edition of Pick Your Poison ever. And that makes me somewhat sad, actually. But it IS absolutely the 2nd to last Pick Your Poison of 2012. After tomorrow, there’s a 1-2 week hiatus in place so I can actually take some time to play with my Christmas presents and spread some cheer before New Years. Have no fear though, everything will be up and running again by mid-January. I’ve also got some more posts planned for you that aren’t necessarily Pick Your Poison related. Some extra Listmas duties to take care of, if you will. For now, please enjoy the songs below. Gold star tracks today come from Beard of Wolves, Bogan Via, The Capsules, Panoramic & True and Photo Ops. In the Soundcloud section (located after the jump), there’s streaming songs from Geographer (covering Kate Bush), Hundred Waters, Solar Year and more so check those out too!

Beard of Wolves – My Father Drives the Death Star

The Birthday Suit – Silent Night

Bogan Via – Gatsby

Campfires – Fortune Teller

The Capsules – Our Apocalypse

Erin McKeown – Santa is An Asshole (WAV)

Hawk and Dove – Things We Lost So Far

Johan Hedberg – Some Kind of Christmas

Kensy Krackshow – The End

Marching Band – And I’ve Never Seen

The Murder Barn – Just Like Christmas (Low cover)

Panoramic & True – Gunslinger

Photo Ops – It Makes Me Cry

Psymbionic – Space Monkey (Psymbionic Remix)

Tiga – Shoes (Mickey Moonlight Remix)


Geographer – Cloudbusting (Kate Bush cover)

Hello Echo – Country

Hundred Waters – Visitor

Mirror Image – Unweighted Burden

Solar Year – Magic Idea