With mere days until the release of their new album Uno!, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong entered rehab over the weekend to take care of his substance abuse problems. Did you know he had substance abuse problems? Apparently a lot of people weren’t aware until this past Friday, when the band played a show at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas and he freaked out on stage. As the story and video attest, Armstrong got extremely upset when festival organizers apparently told him the band had one minute to wrap up their set. This was after they started 30 minutes late because an artist or two before them played for too long. “You’re kidding me. I’m not fucking Justin Bieber, you motherfuckers,” he said. “Let me show you what one fucking minute means.” At that point, both he and bassist Mike Dirnt then smashed their guitars and walked off the stage. After the incident, the band released a statement saying they apologize if anyone was offended by what happened at the fest and that their set was not cut short. Anyways, that happened Friday and Armstrong entered rehab on Sunday. A number of their promotional appearances in support of the new album have been postponed for the time being while he gets the help he needs. Armstrong was also hospitalized earlier this month and the band had to cancel a show in Italy because he was reportedly suffering from “severe dehydration.” You’ve got to wonder whether or not that was true in light of what’s happened. As a Green Day fan since their early days, I’d like to wish Armstrong the best and a swift recovery. Hopefully the trio of records they’re putting out over the next few months turn out okay too, rather than sounding like some drug-addled mess. Okay, let’s get to this Monday edition of Pick Your Poison. Please enjoy downloads from AbdeCaf, Amen Dunes, Analog Players Society, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Mac DeMarco, One Finger Riot, A Shoreline Dream and Windsor Drive. Stars remixing Diamond Rings and vice versa are both pretty good as well. In the Soundcloud section, don’t miss streaming tracks from Bat for Lashes, Earlimart and The Sea and Cake.

AbdeCaf – Never Know

Amen Dunes – Sixteen (Demo)

Analog Players Society – Hurricane Season in Brooklyn

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Suburban Space Invader

The Cairo Gang – Now You Are One of Us

Clickbones – Too Lumbering to Sleep

Diamond Rings – Runaway Love (Stars Remix)

Finn Riggins – Benchwarmers (Mwahaha Remix)

Grape Soda – Obvious Signs

KOPPS – Mourning Sex (ft. Joywave)

Little People – Aldgate Patterns

Lysv – Kill Me Deadly

Mac DeMarco – Freaking Out the Neighborhood

One Finger Riot – Miles

Paperfangs – Everyday (Buddy Holly cover)

REY – Natural

A Shoreline Dream – 103

Stars – Theory of Relativity (Diamond Rings Remix)

TRAILS AND WAYS – Midnight City (M83 cover)

VIMES – UpStairs

Windsor Drive – Sleepwalking


All Eyes – Lost You Once

Bat For Lashes – All Your Gold

Cuckoo Chaos – Super Skeleton

Earlimart – 10 Years

FISHING – Choy Lin

The Sea and Cake – A Mere (Demo)