Last Thursday I talked briefly about the Russian punk band Pussy Riot and the legal situation they were facing in court. Well as you may have heard, on Friday the band was found guilty of “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred,” and all three members were sentenced to two years in prison. While many artists, celebrities and important figures have gone on record supporting the band and their actions, the Russian government isn’t about to change their minds. In fact, word today is that they’re busy searching for other members of the band, hoping to arrest them and charge them with the same crime. There are apparently 10 total members of Pussy Riot, so the three that have been convicted and sentenced are only a small part of their whole. In fact, after the sentencing on Friday, the band released a new song called “Putin Lights Up the Fires”. There were also “Free Pussy Riot” rallys held around the globe on Friday to show support for the band. While none of this will probably help the three women whose sentences have already been decided, hopefully such an outpouring of support and protest can help bring about some real changes and discussion about the topics of freedom and religion and feminism across the globe. Okay, I’ve gone over this enough for now, and it’s a heavier topic than I’d like for these Pick Your Poison posts. This is about discovering new music, not incarcerating someone because of it. So please enjoy tracks from Ab-Soul, DaVinci (with Freddie Gibbs), Holmes, The Pauses and Silent Rider. In the Soundcloud section Amateur Best and Deerhoof have new tracks up for streaming, and Peter Bjorn & John’s remix of Norah Jones is a surprising delight for many reasons.

Ab-Soul – Nibiru

Bjork – Mutual Core (The Adamski Kid Remix)

DaVinci – MYOB (ft. Freddie Gibbs)

Dinowalrus – Grounded

Donnis – Absolutely (ft. IAMSU & Jay Ant)

Eli & Fur – Tonight (Jimmy Edgar Remix)

Four Rounds & The Sound – Nothing But Time

Holmes – Stereo

How to Dress Well – Again (Janet Jackson cover)

Jaggery – No Sympathy

Natural Child – B$G P$MP$N

The Pauses – The Beginning of Things

Qualms – Pressure

Silent Rider – Beggar

Zucchini Drive – Howler Than Thou


Amateur Best – Ready For The Good Life

Deerhoof – Fête d’Adieu

I Am Giant – Purple Heart

Milkman – Neon Eyes (Original Mix)

The National Rifle – Coke Beat

Norah Jones – Miriam (Peter Bjorn & John Remix)