So there’s a Russian punk band known as Pussy Riot. I hope you’ve heard of them, especially since they’ve been attracting a lot of attention worldwide because they’re in trouble with the Russian government. Here’s what happened. The three members of the band held a performance on February 21st at Moscow’s Christ the Saviour Cathedral during which they shouted, “Virgin Mary, Mother of God, become a feminist!” and “Put Putin out!” while raising their fists into the air. The whole thing lasted under a minute and had political protest intentions. Now the government maintains the band tried to offend the Orthodox Christian community, so last March they threw them in jail on charges of “hooliganism.” They’ve remained in captivity since then, and in recent weeks have finally been to court for a full trial. Final arguments have been made, and tomorrow we will find out if these three women will serve any time in prison. Amnesty International has gotten involved, warning that if they are sentenced to prison they could wind up in labor camps where they will face mental, physical and sexual abuse. In other words, this isn’t a good situation. I hope you’ll learn more about what’s happening and try to help in whatever way possible. Go here for the latest information and to find out what you can do. Okay, with that bit of music and politics out of the way, let’s talk about today’s Pick Your Poison. I’ll give gold star points to downloads from all boy/all girl, Heems, Keel Her, Piney Gir, Rubblebucket, The Soft Moon and Spook Houses. In the Soundcloud section, don’t miss streaming tracks from Brother Ali, Rangda, and The Sea and Cake.

all boy/all girl – Summertime

Cultfever – Knew You Well (Eight Bit Tiger Remix)

Dr. Beat – FormulaMarzAgain

Hauschka – Radar (Michael Mayer Remix)

Heems – Killing Time

The Interns – Shudddup

Keel Her – Prize Catch

Piney Gir – Outta Sight

Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think (Featurecast Remix)

Romans – Somedays

Rubblebucket – (Focus) Oversaturated

sean0sean – Don’t You Worry About A Thing

Shawn Lee – Black Hole

The Soft Moon – Die Life

Spook Houses – Bad Sound

XOV – Tomorrow Is My Day


Beast Patrol – Plaster

Brother Ali – Mourning in America

Groundislava – Suicide Mission (ft. Baths)

Japanese Moon – I Wanna Be Adored (Stone Roses cover)

Rangda – Majnun

The Sea and Cake – On and On