“America! Truck Yeah!” That’s the slogan an NYU graduate film student Heather Fink wanted to use as part of a Chevy advertising campaign. Because one doesn’t simply suggest a slogan without some hard evidence to back up how effective it could be, she put together a couple of “spec” commercials to fully sell it. Savvy filmmaker that she is, she recruited Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington along with comedian Bobby Tisdale to star in those commercials. Naturally, they’re pretty funny. You can watch one of the commercials here and the other one here. I’d love it if Chevy adopted these, however they chose to pass on the idea. Maybe Ford will be interested? Anyways, that was just a fun little slice I thought you might enjoy on this Wednesday. As for today’s Pick Your Poison, I’ll recommend tracks from The 65’s, Bogan Via, Calexico, The Dust Engineers, Ian McGlynn and Will Magid. Be sure to check out a full mixtape from How to Dress Well too. In the Soundcloud section don’t miss streaming a song from Museum of Bellas Artes.

The 65’s – Greatest Pretense

Afrobeta – Do You Party? (UMF Remix)

Alphanaut – Back to the Stars (Acoustic)

Alt-J – Fitzpleasure

Bass Science – Ghost in the Wires

Bogan Via – Kanye

Calexico – Para

The Dust Engineers – Snot Nosed Dweeb

Guantanamo Baywatch – Sad Over You

Guy Capecelatro III – Joe the Sailor

How to Dress Well – Live Yourself (Mixtape)

Ian McGlynn – Falling Towards Heaven

Jhameel – The Long Run

A Thousand Fuegos – No Up No Down

Will Magid – Brown Paper Bag

Zambri – My Could Have True (Plastic HealtH Remix)


Eyan Green – Chico Norte

Fur – Cocoon

LTD – You Must Be Dreaming

Museum of Bellas Artes – Bear Cubs

Sick Fix – Boudica

The Young Evils – Dead Animals