Wayne Coyne and The Flaming Lips might be in a little bit of trouble. Okay, it’s more like a slightly heated argument than anything serious (for the time being). You may recall that on their Record Store Day exclusive album The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends that there was a track featuring the lovely and powerful Erykah Badu. If you’ve also been paying close attention to music sites the last couple weeks a music video for that song may have caught your eye. A very NSFW music video that features Erykah’s sister Nayrok sans clothing and bathing in a variety of liquids and such. Well surprise, surprise, I guess that video wasn’t officially “done”, or as the band says it was, “unedited and unapproved”. Oddly enough, it looked quite edited. The “unapproved” part makes more sense though. The video has been scrubbed off the internet for the time being, with the hopes of posting an “edited and approved” version next week. In the meantime, Erykah is none too pleased with how this whole thing went down. She took to Twitter with a long missive about how angry she is about that video. She seems to feel that the video was “tasteless, meaningless and shock motivated” and disrespected her as an artist. That was point one of many as to why she disapproves of that video. Hopefully they’re able to come to some sort of agreement on a final product, but in the meantime, Wayne tweeted a pretty snarky reply that included a photo of his lips covered in glitter with the comments of “I kissed it!!!!” and “Nice ass!!!!” in reference to Erykah’s sister Nayrok having her body covered in it for the video. So there’s your amusing tidbit for the day. More on that if it develops. In the meantime, here’s today’s Pick Your Poison, complete with “edited and approved” mp3s from Baby Monster, Brown Shoe (covering Springsteen), Burning Hotels, Manor, The Spring Standards and TEEN. In the Soundcloud section there’s some good streaming stuff from Family Band, Four Tet and Class of 2012 artist Blonds.

Acid House Kings – I Just Called to Say Jag Älskar Dig (SAW Remix by Nixon)

Baby Monster – Hitchhiker

Birds and Batteries – Let the Door Swing

The Bolts – Walk Away

Brown Shoe – I’m On Fire (Bruce Springsteen cover)

Burning Hotels – Always
Burning Hotels – Always (Shuttle Remix)

Christina Martin – Marina

Fat Tony & Tom Cruz – Bad Habits (ft. Bun B and Nick Diamonds)

Hills Like Elephants – Invisible Ink

Manor – Afghan Hound

Michael the Blind – Who Is She?

The Spring Standards – Watch the Moon Disappear

TEEN – Better

White Widow – Serial Love Affair


Blonds – Run

Family Band – Moonbeams

Four Tet – 128 Harps

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders – Cold Feet

Making Movies – Hangover Blues

Shoreline Is – French Leave