Let me use this time in the middle of the week to play that fun weekly game where I tell you that this site has a Facebook page. There you can find links to all the posts on this site, along with additional “bonus” content that includes music videos and special Spotify-curated playlists. I’m not asking for your personal information or something, and I’m not going to spam you if you click the “Like” button. The goal is to provide another way to connect with you and keep up with the latest happenings in the music world. If that doesn’t interest you, then that’s fine too. No pressure. Let’s just enjoy today’s Pick Your Poison and we’ll take it from there. You might want to put a close ear on tracks from Beachwood Sparks, How to Dress Well, The Late Show, Rec Center, Diplo’s remix of Sleigh Bells, The Sun Parade and The Wild Rumpus. In the Soundcloud section there’s some good tracks to stream from No Joy and Teengirl Fantasy.

Beachwood Sparks – Forget the Song

Dubious Ranger – 1999

Esperi – Come Dine With Me

How to Dress Well – Ocean Floor for Everything

Kitten – Cut It Out

The Late Show – Take A Chance

The Projection – Florida

Rec Center – Soft Pursuit

Red Collar – American Me

Sleigh Bells – Demons (Diplo Remix)

Subaqueous – Gypsy Splash

The Sun Parade – Need You By My Side

Volkova Sisters – Prince Migdale

The Wild Rumpus – Moonshine & Crosses


Arcane Roots – Habibty

Elspeth – The Taster

Get People – Something Better

No Joy – Junior

Teengirl Fantasy – Motif

Touch Tone – Home Away From Home