If you’re not already familiar with my good friend Marissa Nadler’s work, her records are definitely worth your hard-earned money. Each of her most recent full lengths has improved on the one before it, and she hit a new peak last year with her self-titled record. When I talked to her last summer, she mentioned that she recorded around 18 songs for her album, and not all of them made the cut. It was less that they weren’t good enough and more about the way they all fit together. At the time, she also said that the extra songs would appear on an EP that’d be out in the near future. Well, it’s been about 10 months, but the Sister EP will finally be out on Tuesday. It is intended as a companion piece to her self-titled album, however it can also be enjoyed on its own. I’m pleased to be able to present a full stream of the new EP right here. Please give it a listen, and buy it if you like what you hear.

Marissa Nadler – The Sister

As for today’s Pick Your Poison, don’t miss downloading tracks from Anabot (covering Japandroids wonderfully), Foxygen, Ozarks, The Shrouded Strangers, The Slowdown, and Stagnant Pools.

Anabot – The House That Heaven Built (Japandroids cover)

Black Pistol Fire – Long Tall Sally

Chris Forsyth – East Kensington Run Down

Darlingside – Sweet and Low

Foxygen – Make It Known

Imperial China – Limbs

Jhameel – Shadow of a Man

Lioness – They Clip the Wings of Birds

Ozarks – Pyramids of Love

Preauxx – Don’t Be Upset

The Shrouded Strangers – Drinking the Spider Silk

The Slowdown – A Mirror, A Torch

Stagnant Pools – Dead Sailor

Theo Berndt – It’s Complicated

Will Bailey – Spider

World Blanket – Got to Give It Up (Thin Lizzy cover)


Atlas Genius – Back Seat

Brendan Ryan – Scientist

The Joys of Sleeping – Dude York Pt.1

Kara Ali – Whisper My Name

Leisure – Plastic Soul

Saint Saviour – I Call This Home