Have you been following this Bradford Cox saga? It’s fascinating stuff, and just a little comforting to know he’s not completely off his rocker. The story goes as follows: Cox was playing a show in Minneapolis under his solo moniker Atlas Sound. He played pretty much his full set, and at some point during it a heckler decided it’d be funny to request “My Sharona” over and over again between songs. Tiring of such antics, Cox finally obliged and played “My Sharona”…for an hour straight. He recruited the opening band to assist him in such a task, and things only got weirder from there. According to reports, Cox asked the requester/heckler to come on stage and strip for the crowd. He also asked the crowd to lift their chairs above their heads. Eventually the whole crowd was invited to come up on stage, though by that point many had already left out of sheer boredom/disgust. It was a very punk rock thing to do, and Cox is not at all apologetic about doing it. He was simply having a little fun on stage and seeing how far he could take it. Consider him the Andy Kaufman of indie rock. Many probably won’t understand, but for those that do, it’s a good laugh. Sometimes you just need to go nuts in a room full of people. Okay, let’s do today’s Pick Your Poison. I’ll advise you to download tracks from Free Energy, The Hussy, Mirror Talk, Spencer Tweedy (son of Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy), The Young Evils and Zammuto. In the Soundcloud section be sure to stream tracks from First Love, Last Rites and The Pale Corners.

The 21st Century – We Are Waiters

Ariel Starling – Celeritas

Deja – Atrophy

Free Energy – Electric Fever

The Hunted Hunting the Hunter – Three Colours

The Hussy – Undefined
The Hussy – Stab Me

Jim From the Moon – Thanksgiving Day

Jordan Bolton – Adelay

Mirror Talk – Choose Life

Oreaganomics – Sh’es

Small Talk – Make You Move

Spencer Tweedy – Rushmore (Demo)

Tape Runs Out – Flowers in the Bin

Two Suns – Dream Familiar

The Young Evils – When Sally Walked in the Rain

Zammuto – Too Late to Topologize


Aquadrop – Street Player

First Love, Last Rites – Walk You Home

Irontom – My Brothers

Jonny – Red

The Pale Corners – REM

Starlings, TN – Dry County In Hell