Happy International Women’s Day. It’s about 3x better than Talk Like A Pirate Day and about 10x better than International Pancake Day. How do we come up with these holidays? There really is something for every day of the year. In terms of International Women’s Day, I should comment that I prefer to celebrate women every single day. It’s upsetting to me that gender inequality is still an issue in today’s society, and that it takes a day like today to help push awareness of it. Treat everyone equally and we’ll be a better society for it. Please note I’m not talking about socialism’s idea of equality involving money, goods and services. Respect one another is what I mean, to perfectly clarify. Okay, Pick Your Poison for today is excellent, so let’s talk about that. Highlights today include tracks from Blue Foundation, Magical Mistakes, MUMBLS, Parallels, Stars in Coma, and Super Water Sympathy.

Animal Heart – UN-Extraordinary Man

Bassnectar – Ugly (ft. Amp Live)

Blue Foundation – Lost (ft. Sara Savery)

Clancy – Bringing You Joy

Gift of Gab – Wack But Good People (Wavves + Kynan Williams Remix)

Magical Mistakes – Don’t Need Much

MUMBLS – Overnight Bag

Nneka – God Knows Why (ft. Black Thought)

Noah and the MegaFauna – Moan All Night

Parallels – Moonlight Desires

Salli Lunn – 50 Kisses (TV Baby Remix) (ZIP)

Stars in Coma – And So

The Steel Wheels – Rain in the Valley

Super Water Sympathy – Cherokee


6ixes & 7evens – Galaxy Walk

Binary – Modern Man

Field Mouse – Happy

Jon Moodie – Gypsy

The Lighthouse and The Whaler – Burst Apart

Nikki Forova – Skywriter