Snow! Yes, Chicago has officially gotten its first snowstorm of winter. Those of us that live in and around the city know this much: getting your first snowstorm in mid-January is an extremely rare thing. Normally we’ve had a few feet of snow fall by this time in your average winter. Not all at once, but through December and this point in January. While we did get some light dustings and maybe an inch or two back in December, the fact remains that there hasn’t been a true sticking, significant snow since Marck of 2011. As somebody that very much dislikes what snow does to people, that is, makes them drive like the roads are made of glass while also providing ample opporunity for car accidents, I’m happy it’s taken this long for the snow machine to get going. I hope this is the first and last snowstorm of 2012. And we’re only getting 6 or so inches. Of course that won’t be the case, and there will be plenty more snow in the coming months, but for now, I’m just going to take this opportunity to stay indoors and not venture outside until the streets have been thoroughly plowed and salted. Okay, let’s get to Pick Your Poison. Today I’ll happily advise you to check out tracks from Kapowski, Malajube, Mikill Pane, Radio Moscow, Signals Midwest, Tiny Victories and SolarSolar’s cover of Wild Beasts. In the Soundcloud section, you can stream new stuff from Red Wanting Blue, and punk upstarts Say Anything.

Dead Icons – Folding Aces

Kapowski – Section Eight

Leema Mountain – Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good) (Rozalla cover)

Liam the Younger – Is It Good

Malajube – Synesthesie

Mikill Pane – I Like You

Nimmo and the Gauntletts – Chin Up

Radio Moscow – The Stranger

San Cisco – Awkward

Signals Midwest – Limnology

SolarSolar – Albatross (Wild Beasts cover)

Tiny Victories – Lost Weekend

Two Suns – Ran Wild

Woodpigeon – For Paolo


Dot Dash – Tragedy Destiny

Fil Lavin – Soul Brother

General Fiasco – Don’t You Ever

Red Wanting Blue – White Snow

Say Anything – Burn A Miracle

The Skints – On A Mission (Katy B Cover)