Here’s a rare case when one of the tracks featured in today’s Pick Your Poison just so happens to coincide with some fresh music news. Unfortunately this time it’s marred with tragedy. Dan Treacy of the band Television Personalities contributes some vocals, as you’ll see below, to a new track from Acid House Kings. The song itself is great, but news broke earlier today that Treacy has been in a coma the last two days after undergoing surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain. It is not known at this time what sort of injury he might have sustained to wind up with the blood clot in the first place. So it is sad he’s in a really bad spot right now health-wise, and I’d like to wish him the best and what will hopefully be a full recovery. Television Personalities are a great post-punk band from England that have been around since the late 70s, and they’ve released over a dozen records in their time together, a handful of which might be deemed incredibly great. Check them out if you’re not familiar. Also if you’re not familiar, there’s a host of great songs in today’s Pick Your Poison. Outside of the great Acid House Kings cut, I can also recommend songs from Br’er, Flosstradamus (ft. Kid Sister), Nomadic Firs and Real Estate (stream their new album at NPR). Chad Valley’s remix of Trophy Wife is pretty good too, and in the Soundcloud section stream something new from Big Deal because they kind of are as their name describes.

Acid House Kings ft. Dan Treacy – Heaven Knows I Miss Him Now

Arnaud Rebotini – Another Time, Another Place (Trésors Remix)

Black Twig – Lake Song

Br’er – You Go, We’ll Stay Here

Breton Parks – Of Course That’s What You’re For

Cadillac – Make You Feel (Marcos Cabral Remix)

Clubfeet – Last Words (RAC Maury Remix)

Ed Hale – New Orleans Dreams  

Flosstradamus ft. Kid Sister – Luuk Out Gurl

La Chansons – Heels Come Out at Night

Luke Kay – Rush

The Matador – Touch It (Moombahton)

Mystic – The Life (Mr. Mo Remix)

Night Shining – The Ocean’s End (RMX)

Nomadic Firs – Vines

Real Estate – Green Aisles

Rico De Leon – Shadow

Teletextile – I Don’t Know Hot to Act Here

Trophy Wife – Canopy Shade (Chad Valley Remix)


Big Deal – Chair

Binary – Prisoner

Gnomebirds – Golden Cage

Ink Project – Rewind Forward Replay

The Monikers – Surfa Rosa (Pink Waters)