Friday is just a day away my friends. I don’t have any time to waste today, so let me give you the quick rundown of tracks I can recommend in today’s Pick Your Poison. My personal favorites come from Gold Beach, Hard Mix, Sick Figures, Steel Phantoms, True Womanhood and The War on Drugs. In the Soundcloud section, you’ll find a classic track from Can, who are launching a reissue campaign of their classic catalogue shortly. Lots of bands are influenced by Can, and if you’ve never heard them before, or aren’t familiar with the song, now’s a good time to educate yourself.

Fruit Flesh – Cater Gator

Gold Beach – Gold Beach

Hard Mix – Upkeep

Husband – Ordinary

Just Polaroid – My Body

Ming + 2Beeps – The Nutz

One in a Googolplex – You Were A Mess When You Were Seventeen

The Parish of Little Clifton – It’s Okay, Roseanne

Pink Holy Days – Skip on Sofa (ZIP)

Ralfe Band – Atlantis Rising

Sick Figures – Whiskey Song

Steel Phantoms – Bedouin

Torkelsen – Simple

True Womanhood – Sympathy

The War on Drugs – Snake Tongues

Wiretree – Tinyhearts


Can – Bring Me Coffee Or Tea

Foreign Office – Hands & Knees

Jamie N Commons – Now Is Not The Time

Kali Mutsa – Tunupa

Penguin Prison – Don’t Fuck With My Money