Here we are, another Friday to celebrate the start of another weekend. This upcoming weekend will be the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the tragic day that the Twin Towers fell in New York. Unless you’re reading this site and you’re younger than about 15 years old, chances are you remember what happened like it was yesterday. One of the things that bothers me just a little is how small schoolchildren, almost all of which were born either after or just before 2001 are now being somewhat exploited and brought out to commemorate the events of that day. I’m not talking about the children of the loved ones that were lost, I’m talking about just random, everyday schoolchildren. I suppose it falls under the category of the children being our “future” and how we need to protect this new generation of youth from things like 9/11. My viewpoint is that we need to honor those that were lost, along with all the men and women who did everything they could to save as many people as possible on that fateful day. Even if you don’t know anybody that was directly involved in saving lives for 9/11, perhaps Sunday is a good day to tell a police officer or fireman/woman or a soldier thank you for looking out for our well-being (here or abroad). Okay, I’ve said my piece. On a more positive note, Pick Your Poison is just a touch larger than usual today. I can give my seal of approval to tracks from Blessed Feathers, HTRK, Kosha Dillz, and Night Shining. Big Black Delta’s remix of M83’s new one “Midnight City” is pretty dope as well. You can also stream new tracks from Modeselektor and Real Estate in the Soundcloud section.

Architecture in Helsinki – Escapee (Venice Remix)

The Asteroid Shop – Dandelion

Blessed Feathers – By Song Through the Americas

The Creepy Crawlies – Get Buried!

Deca ft. Ichibon & ROqy Tyraid – Clockwork

Hardboiled Wonderland – Jungle Fever

HTRK – Eat Yr Heart

Jupe Jupe – Suspicion

Kosha Dillz – Bars Mitzvah

M83 – Midnight City (Big Black Delta Remix)

Mag Lev – Gabble

Memory Flowers – Safety Net

The New Division – Shallow Play

Night Shining – The Moon’s Hand

Paper Diamond – Can We Go Up

Pree – Lemon Tree

Tonedeff – What Part of Forever (Cee-Lo Green cover)

Vadoinmessico – Marzia


Anomie Belle – Ain’t No Sunshine

Kites – Yellow Letter

Modeselektor ft. Busdriver – Pretentious Friends

Psychic Ills – Mind Daze

Real Estate – It’s Real

Salli Lunn – The Invention of Steel (Manual Remix)