In case you are coming straight here via an external link, I’ll say this right now – Paul McCartney played Wrigley Field last night and it was AMAZING. I’m not the biggest fan of stadium shows, given the impersonal nature of it, the ant-sized people on stage, and the oft-muddy sound, but exceptions will be made on occasion for artists that really merit it. Sir Paul is one of those such people, and considering the catalogue of songs he has to work from it just made the whole night that much more thrilling. You can read my full writeup on the show by clicking here. Okay, on to today’s Pick Your Poison. Tracks hitting my ears in just the right way include ones from Amen Dunes, Brian Keenan, Get People, House of Wolves, Rubblebucket and Tin Armor.

Amen Dunes – Christopher

Brian Keenan – Sleepwalking

The Bullitts – Run & Hide (ft. Jay Electronica)

Countfleet – Stay Here

Diva – The Glitter End

everyBoy – Parachute Mind

Fiore – No Pity [Learn more]

Get People – Colour

House of Wolves – 50’s

Laura Stevenson and the Cans – Master of Art

Mad Major Melvin – Pinchero

Mighty Mouse – Between the Pavement and the Stars (Mighty Mouse’s Funkatronic Restoration Remix)

Oh My! – Kicking and Screaming (Cinematic Remix)

Rubblebucket – Came Out Of A Lady

Tin Armor – I Am Resolved

Triple Threat – Taxi

Unicorn Slut – J’arr


Alberteen – A Girl and a Gun

Bonn Lewis – This Is The Bit

Flight Facilities – Foreign Language (feat. Jess)

Radio INK – Rocket (PUNCHES Remix)

Talvihorros – Gamma/Beta