Well, this weekend marks the Chicago stop for the Dave Matthews Band Caravan tour. If you’ve not heard of this monstrosity, it is a 3 day festival complete with a lineup of jam bands, alt-country and a host of other artists of a wide variety. It’s part hippie fest and part frat kid celebration, even if it does boast a few artists that I legitimately like. If you’re going, I hope you have fun. If you’re not going, I think you’ve spared yourself some cash and can probably find a better, more enjoyable use for it. Part of me hopes that the DMB tour bus has another “incident” in which a bus driver “accidentally” dumps human waste onto a boat of passing tourists. It’s been a few years since the last time DMB did that, so doing it again might help to keep things fresh. Just a suggestion. If you want to discover some great new music you won’t hear at the Dave Matthews Band Caravan, look no further than Pick Your Poison for today. Highlights include tracks from Dog Day, Fair Ohs, Go Rydell, Las Kellies and Young Circles. In the Soundcloud section you’ll also find Toro y Moi’s remix of Cut Copy, which is fantastic.

Acid Rage – Fear (Original Mix)

Adele – Someone Like You (Buffetlibre Remix)

The Amends – Hotel Lobby (Demo Mix)

David Berkeley – Independence

Dog Day – Part Girl

Ettica – Sombrero

Eyeshine – Hope Is So Far Away
Eyeshine – Our Whole Lives Tonight

Fair Ohs – Baldessari

George Ellias – Wonder Babe

Ghastly City Sleep – Into the Dark (Alan Siegler Remix)

Go Rydell – Battery Park

Las Kellies – Keep the Horse

Low Duo – No Happier

Luke Rathborne – You Let Me In

Parker – Jeremy Twitcher

The Voluntary Butler Scheme – Yo-Yo Star

Young Circles – 2012


Cut Copy – Blink And You’ll Miss a Revolution (Toro Y Moi Remix)

The Heaven’s Jail Band – Pretty Lady Blues

Induce – Pretty

Ursa Minor – Guerilla