For much of this week, I’ve been providing advance coverage of this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival. Now it’s finally here. My coverage continues all weekend long. For hour-by-hour updates, feel free to follow along with me on Twitter. In the very late evening/overnight hours, check back on the site to read my daily writeups that chronicle the good and bad of the things I saw. I’ll try and post photos too, but if I’m too tired to slap all that together it might have to wait until Sunday/Monday. Basically I’m saying there are plenty of ways to keep up with all the happenings this weekend without actually being there. Plenty of sets will also be streaming online, so go to the festival website for details on how to do that. It’s set to be a great weekend, with only the smallest chance of a stray shower amidst the sun and temperatures that will get hotter each and every day. Stay safe and have a blast. Here’s your Friday edition of Pick Your Poison. Great stuff today in the form of tracks bu Gardens & Villa, The Glitch Mob, Rams’ Pocket Radio, Superhumanoids, Tom Vek and Memory Tapes remixing ANR. Tracks by Peelander-Z and Walls in the Soundcloud section are both pretty great as well.

Adam Harding – Strange Beauty

Angels in America – Tooth Hound Sand

ANR – Stay Kids (Memory Tapes Remix)

Binary – Turquoise

The Felts – Last English Rose

Gardens & Villa – Star Fire Power

Get People – Rain Tears (Mode Remix)

The Glitch Mob – Warrior Concerto

Koudlam – I See You All (Acid Washed Remix)

Mitzi – Morning Light (Softwar Remix)

The R’s – Mr. Hide

Rams’ Pocket Radio – Coal, My Lips Are Sealed

Rare Monk – Teak

Sleep Party People – I’m Not Human at All

Spanish Prisoners – Know No Violence

Steffaloo – The Red Runs Free (ft. Pandit)

Superhumanoids – A Crowded Hour

Tom Vek – Aroused


The Kill Van Kulls – Lost and Found

Peelander-Z – Mad Tiger DX

VAS VEGA – The Living Dead

Walls – Sunporch