Tuesday, here we are. It’s still early in the week, but not too early that we can’t have a little fun. An intense basketball playoff game is on tonight, among other things, and I know I mentioned it yesterday, but going to a location in which there are lots of televisions and perhaps some alcohol would make for a good evening. When it gets warm(ish) out you can do those sorts of things on weekdays. Or stay home and hang out, who am I to dictate what you do with your evening. Pick Your Poison though, I can help you out there. Recommendations today for tracks from Follow That Bird, I and I, Kyla La Grange, Niki and the Dove, and Ty Segall.

Azalia Snail – Spaceheater

Brice Randall Bickford – Songstress

Electric Bird Noise – Morning Mother Mourning Dove

Floorshow – Don’t Get Me Wrong

Follow That Bird – The Ghosts That Wake You

French Horn Rebellion – What I Want (Golden Pony Remix)

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister – Escape Tonight

Hungry Kids of Hungary – Arrest This Heart

I and I – Headcleaner

Johanna & the Dusty Floor – Witch Shoes

Kyla La Grange – Been Better

Metal Mother – Shake

Monster Rally – Siberian Girls
Monster Rally – Surf Erie

Niki and the Dove – The Fox

Radical Dads – Walking Wires

This Is Head – 0011

Ty Segall – You Make the Sun Fry


NewVillager- Rich Doors

Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You (Youth Kills Remix)

Robert Ellis – What’s In It For Me